Tesla Innovation Center™

Established in 2017, the center is backbone of all our consultancy services such as adequacy assessment and treatability studies. The center is located in Taloja MIDC and has already catered to 250+ industries in Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Treatability Studies

These studies enables our customers to verify the feasibility of the proposed treatment process in lab scale before actual implementation. Saving them crores of capital cost in-case of a failure at commissioning stage.

Water Testing

Our water testing lab enables us to carryout in-house testing of more than 40 critical water testing parameters. Delivering speed and accuracy to the treat-ability studies.


We understand the importance of having a skilled person operating your plants. We run customized courses to empower your EHS people with latest information and technology upgrades.

Clean Water for Everyone

United Nations Sustainable Development Goal number 6 focuses on clean water and sanitation for all. We are a proud contributor to this goal.
Ms Leanne Burney, Water and sanitation expert of United Nations Department Economic and Social Affairs explains why it is required to have goal number 6. She adds, “one part of the problem is pollution, water bodies are being increasingly polluted by human waste and industrial wastes

and this means that the water that people might have access to is not safe for drinking it could be in the billion range for people that don’t have access to safe water. She further adds, “people in every country in the world we produce a lot of wastewater on a daily basis and we need better technology to really clean this wastewater so that we could even potentially reuse this wastewater for other applications.