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Mr. Rohit Kumar – TESLA

Mr. Rohit Kumar

Co-Founder & Director


Rohit is a Co-Founder & Technical Director of Tesla Innovations (P) Ltd and works as a powerhouse for the company. IIT Bombay Postgrad he is a thinker. When he is not thinking, you can find him scribbling down ideas that he might have just thought, we never find him without a pen.

He believes in giving a personal touch in everything he does and his relationship with clients is such that we have made a popular joke on him, “The Guy with 100% conversion ratio.”

When asked, why the name “TESLA”, he’d go on and on and on about the real TESLA. No not Elon Musk but Nikola Tesla.

In his personal life, he is a fitness enthusiast and could have been a food blogger if not in an engineering consulting firm. He hails from Delhi and is a Father of cutest little brat we have ever come across. He claims that she is a painter because all his walls adorn her frameless paintings.