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TESLA – Environment First


Environment First
Water Treatment Systems
Ground water and Soil Remediation
High Purity water treatment systems
Ground water studies for mining industries

Tesla Innovation Center

R&D Lab

If the development is technology driven, R&D is directed toward developing products to meet the unmet needs.

Pilot Plants Testing Arena

Pilot testing enables our customers to verify the feasibility of the proposed separation processes.

Conferences & Trainings

Conferences and Trainings will help you sharpen your skills and expand your professional network.

Our Clients

Our Team

Mr. Prashant Adsul

Co-Founder & Director

Prashant is the Co-Founder & Director of Tesla Innovations (P) Ltd an Environmental Projects and Consulting firm that helps evaporate your environmental woes resulting from three fundamental states of matter Air, Water & Soil.

Apart from becoming the backbone of the company Prashant also looks after all our commercial, social & fundamental problems.

Mr. Rohit Kumar

Co-Founder & Director

Rohit is a Co-Founder & Technical Director of Tesla Innovations (P) Ltd and works as a powerhouse for the company.

IIT Bombay Postgrad he is a thinker. When he is not thinking, you can find him scribbling down ideas that he might have just thought, we never find him without a pen.

Tesla - Environment First TM

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