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Turnkey Solutions – TESLA

Turnkey Solutions

#1 Clarification Systems

  • Chemical Coagulation & Flocculation
  • Lamella Clarifier
  • Tube Settler
  • TESLA-SBPT® (Sequential Batch Primary Treatment)

What was the problem?

  • Presently, the Primary chemical treatment for suspended solids removal has become a universal method with stagnation in technological advances.
  • It attempts to coagulate the colloidal particles present in raw & waste water. In doing so at Tesla we realized that a lot of chemicals are being wasted and the accuracy of the treatment process isn’t even the half of what was required by us.

How we overcame the problem?

  • Tesla has integrated these systems with the state of the art automation technologies for improvising the chemical requirements in the conventional schemes of primary chemical treatment.
  • We call this advanced process scheme as TESLA-SBPT® which works excellent when effluent quality varies with time & offers robustness in the process automization.


We have successful installations of the TESLA-SBPT® for a size ranging from 100 KLD to 1500 KLD.

  • DAF
  • Oil & Water Separation System

#2 Filtration Systems

  • Multi Grade Filter (MGF)
  • Pressure Sand Filter (PSF)
  • Dual Media Filter (DMF)
  • Activated Carbon Filter (ACF)
  • Bag Filter (BF)
  • Cartridge Filter (CF)

#3 Membrane Filtration Systems

  • MF
  • UF
  • NF
  • RO

#4 Aerobic Bio Reactors

  • ASP
  • Membrane Bio Reactors (MBR)
  • PBR (Pressurised Bioreactor)

How we overcame the problem?

Our USP lies in the design of the bio reactors which offers optimum volumes of the bio reactors due to appropriate selection of the bio kinetics of the bio mass for removing ultimate BOD from the effluents. Bio Kinetics are adopted from the research papers on the similar effluents since at SINE – IITB we have access to the worldwide research portal where such information is easily available or site treatability for evaluating the same.


At Tesla, we have done benchmark successfully running projects for designing the Bio reactors for three industrial associations all of them are CETP’s in Maharashtra region.

  • Pressurized Membrane Bio Reactors (PMBR)

How we overcame the problem?

We offer our special product to enhance the bio removal at lowest space possible. The technology is under development in association with IIT Bombay. The technology is featured for low space, high process control, highest Solids retention time (SRT), lowest sludge generation, does not require state point analysis for solids separation, offers excellent rejection of the TSS & also offers air oxidation as well as enhanced solids adsorption possibilities in the overall treatment.


We are soon going to launch this technology.

#5 Anaerobic Bio Reactors

  • UASB
  • UASB with Structured Media Packing

#6 Physiochemical Treatment Systems

  • DETOX-250®

How we overcame the problem?

Tesla has set a pioneer application of DETOX-250® in the textile industries where direct chemical mineralization is possible in the 20% space against the conventional requirement.


Tesla offers, DETOX-250® for Ultimate BOD (UBOD) removal & non-biodegradable COD removal together for industries struggling with land footprint & non-compliance in the discharge parameters.

#7 Resource Recovery

  • Acid Recovery System
    We also provide solutions for acid recovery system from spent acid. The technology used in membrane separation only. You can contact us for more information since these are the application which varies from effluent to effluent.
  • Caustic Recovery System
    We have consulted M/S. IGPL (Indo-German Petro Limited), Taloja for recovering caustic from the spent caustic. The technology used is membrane separation only. We provide pilot plant for conducting such trials.
  • Salt Recovery
    We have provided solution to M/s Sudevi Chemicals P Ltd, for recovering salt for the dye bath effluent. We also provide pilot plant on tariff basis.
  • Oil Recovery
    We have solutions for automobile industries to recover spent oil from the ???

#8 Selective Ion Removal System

  • DM Plant
  • Softener Plant
  • Iron Specific Resin Filtration

#9 Sludge Handling Systems

  • Membrane Filter Press
    Membrane Filter Presses improve cake washing by initiating a low-pressure pre-squeeze before the wash cycle is begun. This pre-squeeze eliminates channelling (cracks and less well-formed areas of the cake) and produces a uniform, homogeneous filter cake and optimum wash efficiency.
    By applying a high pressure squeeze to the filter cake you produce the final cake with solids content from 50 to 100% greater than can be achieved with conventional filter presses. This is important for either maximum yield, where a high value liquid is your product, or high solids-content, where reduced moisture in the final cake is critical.
  • Centrifuge
  • Screw Press Sludge Dewatering System
  • Sludge Thickeners
  • Sludge Decanters

#10 Zero Liquid Discharge System (ZLD)

  • Membrane Separation
    We provide turnkey solutions for water recovery from the effluent. We have designed & installed the systems at many places. You can contact us to visit the sites.
    We offer solutions in: Micro Filtration (MF), Ultra Filtration (UF), Nano Filtration (NF) & Reverse Osmosis (RO).
    Tesla has consulted M/S. Sudevi Chemicals Pvt Ltd for salt separation & dyes rejection though UFs & NFs. We have installed ZLD plants with RO systems to recover water from textile effluent & Pharma effluent. You can contact us for the site visits.
  • Multi Effect Evaporation (MEE)
    We have provided couple of installation at Ambernath, Dombivili & Tarapur for evaporation of the RO reject & raw water. We are also consulting M/S Aarti Industries for MEE up gradation of 350 KLD. You can request for a site visit.
    We are also working with IIT Bombay for low cost evaporation system.