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Consulting Solutions – TESLA

Consulting Solutions

We will provide to clients

#1 Aquifer Mapping & Ground Water Studies

Due diligence for site selection in the Industrial & Non industrial areas

  • At Tesla, we consult clients for due diligence on site selection in the industrial clusters. The due diligence helps clients to understand the ground water & soil contaminations within the shallow & deep aquifers. However, we also consult many industries about aquifer properties before acquiring the land. We have been appointed by M/s Ramky (P) Ltd to assess the aquifer properties for their upcoming landfill cells. The project will help client for appropriate selection of the new cells where the ground water contamination potential is minimum, in case of leakages in bottom of the landfill cell.

Ground Water & Soil Remediation

  • At Tesla, we are consulting couple of big clients for ground water remediation & soil remediation. The methodology of the ground water & soil remediation has been drafted by Dr. V.V.S. Gurunadha Rao (Technical Advisor to Tesla Innovations (P) Ltd, Ex-Chief Scientist, NGRI). Dr. Rao has handled more than 50 such kind of projects nationwide. We are working on couple of such projects but cannot disclose the name because of non-disclosure agreements.
  • Tesla, is equipped to conduct such kind of studies with the sophisticated instruments & latest software. We provide services for very low frequency (VLF) Studies, Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT), Vertical Electronic Sounding (VES), Double Ring Infiltration Test (DRIT), Pumping Test/Slug Test (We have Baro Divers, Conductivity Diver & Temperature Diver for conducting such tests bought from Schlumburger)

Sustainable water resource management

  • Tesla, is consulting M/s JP Infra for sustainable water resource management, the location of the project is at Mira Bhayander. The project name is JP North.
  • We have been appointed for assessment of aquifer & strategic locations for water extraction as well as rain water recharge directly into the shallow aquifers.
  • The project scope also covers the CGWB approvals for ground water extraction.

Ground water studies for mining industries

  • We are consulting M/S Gogte Minerals for their two iron ore mine pits, i.e. Tiroda & Redi Pits. Tesla has been appointed for establishment of the ground water interaction between mine pits & the surrounding water bodies.
  • The another important scope of the project is to assessment of the buffer zone between river & mine pit.

Technical Liaison for obtaining CGWA NOC for GW abstractions

  • Tesla, also helps clients in obtaining the NOC from the CGWB for ground water abstraction. We have been consulting M/S JP Infra for such certification.

#2 Audits

Hazardous Waste Audits

  • We consult industries for hazardous waste audits. We have our own standard set of methodology adopted from the national & international practices towards audit. We have in house technical experts. We have consulted M/S Sun Pharmaceutical (P) Ltd, Ahmednagar & we have also consulted M/S Exide Batteries Ltd. There are couple of more clients but name cannot be disclosed due to NDA.

Environment Audits

  • We consult industries for environment audits. We have our own standard set of methodology adopted from the national & international practices towards hazardous waste audit. We have in house technical expert who has drafted such methodologies which benefits the client after the study is concluded. The audit helps industries for better assessment of the current practice against required practices.

ETP Adequacy

  • Tesla also consults for Effluent Treatment Plant adequacy studies. We have more than 20 clients to whom we have consulted for ETP adequacy. The nature of the industries served so far is chemical, pharma (bulk drugs), textile.

Treatability Studies

  • Treatability study for the existing effluent treatment set up is been done by Tesla with the help of pilot studies & adequacy check of the electro mechanical & civil infrastructure. We have consulted M/S Tessitura Monti (P) Ltd, M/s Mylan.

Water Audit

Technical consultancy for no increase in pollution load

#3 Pilot Plant Services

We provide pilot plant services for the following technologies on tariff basis.

DETOX-250® Pilot

  • DETOX-250® is a robust technology where treatment is possible within low space & offers better control on process. The automation of the technology is its USP. We offer pilot trails on tariff basis.

PBR Pilot Plant

  • To prove the efficiency of our in-house developed technology and that your effluent can be easily treated with PBR we also have a small scale pilot skid of the entire system.

Acid Recovery pilot (ARP)

  • We are developing pilot plants for ARPs. We will be ready soon with this pilot plant.

Caustic Recovery Pilot

  • We have CRP plants which can be provided for pilot services.

Membrane Pilots

  • We also offer pilot services for UF/NF/RO in order to design the process accurately.

Pilot Plants for Conventional Technologies

Tesla also offers pilot plants for conventional technologies like ASP, MBR, MBBR, RO & UF.

Wet air oxidation/Catalytic wet air oxidation

Super critical wet air oxidation/water gasification

#4 Air Pollution

Air Dispersion Modelling of stack emission

  • We consult for air dispersion modelling exercise for stack emissions using AERMOD, AERSCREEN, SCREEN View & CALPUFF View.

Health impact assessment of the stack emissions

  • We also study the health impact assessment from the multiple stack emissions. These are the most extensive studies where the ground data is required in terms of population, water bodies & many other data which will be key inputs of the model.

Design of Basement indoor air quality improvements of Parking lots

#5 DPR Preparation

  • Tesla has consulted two Industrial associations for preparing the DPR for CETP. One is DBESA (Dombivli Better Environment System Association, 26 MLD) & the other is Taloja Common Effluent Treatment Plant (TCETP, 27.5 MLD).
  • We have also consulted Dombivli Common effluent treatment plant (DCETP) with TESLA-SBPT® & DETOX-250® for 1.5 MLD. We are also consulting Tarapur Environment Protection Society (TEPS) – CETP for system up gradation, the size of the CETP is 25 MLD.

#6 O&M contracts for ETP operations

  • Tesla is equipped with human resources for industrial services, we provide our man power for plant operations on yearly basis. We have provided such services to couple of clients. M/s Defiance Knitting (P) Ltd & M/s Sudevi Chemicals (P) Ltd.